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Covid 19 Policy and Risk Assessment


Rest assured that your counsellor will not attend any sessions should they show any of the symptoms of Covid-19. We ask that you do not either.

You can find a comprehensive list of the symptoms at...

During this period there will be no late cancellation fees, but we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend.

Please also report back to us should you develop any symptoms after your session. We will, of course, do likewise.

Vulnerable and Shielded Group

Our Counsellors do not fall into this category and neither do any members of our immediate families.

I am afraid we cannot work with anyone who falls into these categories or continues to have close contact with anyone else who falls into these categories.

A guide of what is deemed to be vulnerable or shielded can be found on the Government website as above.

Social Distancing

We are to stay at least two metres apart at all time. This will be facilitated in the following way...

The door to the therapy centre will be left open as will the door to our therapy room.

Please come to your appointment on time and (after washing your hands - see below), walk straight into the therapy room.

Please close the door by way of a ‘kick’ and take your seat, the seats will be angled so that we are not directly opposite one another. Your counsellor will not get up to greet you.

Once the session is over, your counsellor will not get up to see you out.

There will be no one else in the waiting areas as you leave.

Sanitising and General Hygiene

On your arrival please wash your hands, with soap and water for 20 seconds, in the facilities provided and dry them with the paper towels before disposing of them in the bin.

There will be sanitising gel available on the table next to your chair in the room, feel free to use it.

We will have ample time to sanitise the room including all touch points between our clients. 


During this period we would prefer payment by bank transfer as this is contactless. Details are as follows:

Dynamic Counselling Ltd.

Account Number: 23474947

Sortcode: 50-21-08

Please do this prior to our session.

If this is not an option for you please place cash in a sealed envelope.

Travel to the Therapy Room

Where possible please use the journey to and from the therapy centre to encompass your daily exercise, for example walking or cycling. If this is not possible please drive. Try to avoid taking any form of public transport to attend your appointment.


This service has been made available for those of you who either cannot access or feel unable to work online or by phone. 

Chris does not offer online or telephone counselling but Emma does.

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