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The Being of 'Not Knowing'

It feels like we’re living in some kind of limbo right now...

We know that coronavirus is yet to reach its peak here in the UK but we don’t know exactly when. Different sources give us different information.

This naturally breeds a real uneasiness - this feeling of ‘not knowing’ which also extends to not knowing what is the best thing to do in certain situations. The fact is that none of us has ever experienced this situation before. We find ourselves in uncharted waters, sometimes feeling like we're sailing on an even course and other times feeling that we're sinking. No wonder it has led to such behaviours as panic buying, cancellation of holidays and big events, as well as general procrastination when it comes to making any big decisions.

Added into the mix is social distancing and self-isolation. This has left many vulnerable individuals in society feeling totally alone. Yet ironically, this is an experience shared by so many - an experience that we are not going through alone. We are in fact all passengers on this ship - we're in it together.

We at Dynamic Counselling are still very much open and want to help you if you are struggling or feel 'lost at sea'. Please contact us at, message us through this page or our website and together we can 'weather the storm' and work out a way to help you get through these difficult times.

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