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"What else can we do?"

Maybe as a parent you're consumed with the idea that you're not doing *enough* for your children, that you *should* be doing more or *should* be doing something *differently*

Well, stop.

Stop worrying about whether you are giving them the right amount of school work, whether they are having too much screen time, whether you are telling them too much or too little about Covid-19.

The one message they need to know right now is that they are safe and you are here for them.

Think about this. Imagine you're the pilot flying a plane carrying your children as passengers. What would you do if your plane suddenly hit some turbulence?

If you were following advice it would probably be similar to this:

- Check your own mask first - you're the one flying the plane. You need to be OK in order to keep everyone else safe

- Listen to the other passengers (your children)

- Validate their feelings, worries and concerns whilst providing reassurance if they need it

- Keep talking with them as the situation changes

- Be open to changing course if you need to

So to reiterate, your children need you to be OK in order that they can be OK. Don't focus so much on meeting their needs that you fail to meet yours. If you neglect your own health by not eating regularly or not getting enough sleep or downtime, eventually your mental health will also suffer. That's not who your child wants flying their plane.

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