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                   Client Testimonials                       

All names have been changed to protect confidentiality

"Thank you so much for offering these affordable counselling sessions.  Counselling was something I wanted to do for many years

 but couldn't really afford it.  Your sessions made it possible for me and it has truly been life changing.  I know this affordable counselling service will 

also help many more people and that is just wonderful.  So thank you again"



“I have found it so helpful.  I was saying to one of my friends how much it helps having someone to talk to like this”


“I feel much more settled than I was a few weeks ago and less like I’m living in the past”


“Now I know where I am and what I’m doing”


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart... I no longer recognise the child!"

Parent of 'Lenny' (Year 4 Student)

"I come to see you because you accept me and that feels good"

'Mark' (Year 5 Student)

"In here, with you, I can be who I am but out there it's different"

'Eve' (Year 6 Student)

“It is really good that they are having these open conversations”

Daughter of 'Elizabeth' a lady in her early nineties

Wanda's daughter has reported that her Mother is much calmer due to the sessions and her mood is fluctuating less.

Daughter of 'Wanda' a lady in her eighties

“We get on well, which allows us to speak more freely”

'James' a man in his seventies


'Jack', a man in his seventies when asked how he found his first session

"Thank you so much for the help you have been.  He certainly is in a much better place as far as I can see, since accessing support from you.  I know he feels at ease and able to talk to you, and in his words, you make sense in helping him to see things and giving him space and time to think about himself"

Parent of 'Robert' (School Leaver)

R is doing amazing. He is an excited, helpful and loving big brother. He is sharing the attention well and we’ve had no more extreme behaviours. When he does get angry/frustrated, he deals with it well. He has fond memories of his sessions with you and we still have his drawing of his dream house. 
Thank you once again for your time with him. It was very effective.

Parent of 'Riley'

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