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Sam Bowden


How I Got Here

I have worked as a volunteer for the NHS for over 12 years now and have been involved from the beginning of setting up a wellbeing group for cancer patients at all different stages of their treatment at the Princess Alexandra hospital and the Epping breastcancer unit at St Margaret’s hospital. My work was helping and supporting mainly ladiessuffering from breast cancer from the beginning of their treatment, maybe helping them come to terms with the shock of the diagnosis and the physical elements that can have a major effect mentally on patients. Following on from there for side effects such as hair loss, hormonal imbalances, radiotherapy burns and in the case of a severe operation such as
mastectomy, dealing with a completely different body shape and a long recovery. All of this is often accompanied with suffering long term pain and lasting effects from drugs for prevention of the cancer returning.

Brief Intro

Currently I am working with young adults of various ages and with a range of common issues such as depression, eating disorders, educational stress and self-esteem. However I would never turn away from helping anyone who is seeking further guidance through therapy. Over the years I have successfully helped both men and women of all ages through everyday challenges such as anxiety, self-esteem and the more unexpected and deeper issues like bereavement. Also as you will ascertain from my profile, I can offer a wide range of complimentary therapies to achieve results.

How Do You Work?

I am very much a believer in the saying "Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone". Every single person that I have ever met is unique and often just needs the respect and understanding for them to convey, in their own time and in a fully safe and trusted environment, the opportunity to express that which is troubling them. Helping just one person won't change the world but I believe it can change the world for that one person and so that could be everything to them. As a counsellor I do not preach and I do not teach, just help people to discover what is inside them and help them to heal.

Qualifications:  I have completed 500 hours of training in Complementary Therapies and met all requirements through practical and theoretical assessments. Additionally I have completed the Level 5 hypnotherapy diploma course as accredited by ACCPH. Included in my hypnotherapy training I did two further modules on Counselling, CBT and TA. I have covered deep issues from child abuse to eating disorders, multiple types of mental illness, phobias and much more so over the years my experience has made me an extremely competent therapist. I have also successfully completed Inspirational Training Level 4 Counselling certificate as accredited by the ACCPH.

Professional Memberships: - ACCPH & GHSC