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Alistair Matthews

Affordable Counselling Service

A Bit About Me

I am a trainee counsellor studying a Diploma in Integrative Therapy at Life Force School of
Counselling. This approach employs Person Centred Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and is a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
approved qualification.


I personally attend weekly counselling sessions, which I consider invaluable for
recognising and developing my authentic self; and I also attend regular counselling supervision which
helps me review the way I work with clients whilst keeping my counselling skills up to date and

ensuring I am working safely and ethically.

Every plant needs the proper conditions to develop to its full potential. Lacking the most nourishing
conditions the plant will still continue to grow but its leaves might be a little wilted, stalk twisted and
flower freyed. Nevertheless, the plant, like all living organisms, possesses a persistant intrinsic drive
to maximise its potential. We humans are no different. The events of life may not nourish us so that
we progress towards our healthiest and happiest selves. By actively listening with a sincere curiosity

about you and your life, I aim to create the core conditions which enable your intrinsic drive (or self-
actualizing tendency, as we like to call it) to move you towards your full potential.

My approach is empathic and sensitive, but also challenging where necessary. I will be your ally on a
journey of self exploration. My goal is to cultivate a space of deep healing and inspiration.

In addition to my current level of counselling qualifications I have earned a BSc Open (Psychology)
from the Open University and MSc Research Methods in Psychology from the University of Essex.

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