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Kay Sansom
Affordable Counselling Service


Working with a counsellor can be daunting, but it can also start clearing the clouds that are dimming your days. 


Once you enter therapy you are no longer alone, searching for answers and finding none, trapped in the same old patterns and unable to see how to switch them and bring light into your life.


Childhood can often be the root cause of current difficulties; exploration of how we got where we are can lead to profound, long term healing.


I offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Humanistic and Psychodynamic therapy in an integrative approach that is tailor-made to match your problem/s.


CBT and Humanistic therapies are ideal for obsessive behaviours, anxiety and irrational fears.  Psychodynamic therapy is not a sticking plaster, or a quick fix, but a way to uncover memories, hurts and fears that are blocking a positive, happier future. 


  • Together, we can dare to travel into the past, to childhood experiences that may have left unresolved issues;

  • Together, we can safely find and heal the root causes;

  • Together, we can endeavour to discover your true self;

  • Together, we can start your journey to profound, long-term healthy living.



NCFE Cache Counselling Level 2 & 3

AIM Counselling Level 4 (Trainee)

BA Hons English Literature

PGCE English – Teaching Certificate

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