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Eating Disorders

Enforced self-isolation has brought challenges for everyone. For those either struggling with, or recovering from, eating disorders it is a really tough time to navigate with the focus being so much on food - buying it, rationing it, eating it.

For those living alone, it is potentially a really dangerous situation with increased stress and anxiety from loss of control, possibly reactivating old patterns of disordered eating.

Many with eating disorders also have phobias around illness, so that fear becomes intensified too.

The organisation Beat Eating Disorders (website address below) has reported a 30% increase in calls since the outbreak of coronavirus here in the UK.

Whilst it may not be possible to access help and support through the usual channels right now, helplines are still open and many counsellors (including Dynamic Counselling) are offering both online and telephone sessions.

Some good websites to go to for practical help and advice include:

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