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Whilst One Chapter Ends, Another Begins...

In launching ‘Dynamic Counselling’ with my partner, Chris Donovan, I have been reminded in very real terms of quite what a big step it is to be faced with any new beginning.

It is easy to forget just how daunting it can feel, whether starting that first day at school or University, changing to a new job or moving to a new home.

Perhaps sometimes the intensity of feeling associated with a new beginning is heightened by the realisation that something else is coming to an end. Starting a new school or job inevitably marks the end of another phase of one’s life and of course there is a sadness caught up in having to say goodbye to familiar faces and places. There is also a fear of ‘not knowing’ what comes next.

But with every new beginning comes new opportunity. A chance to reinvent oneself, to move on to new horizons, to climb that next big mountain. Sometimes just looking at things through a slightly different lens can make the world of difference to how we understand our experiences.

I, for one, am determined to make the most of my new beginning but I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens next. How about you? Are you ready for your new beginning?

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