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Why it's OK to take time to mourn the old and make way for the new...

I didn't always work as a counsellor...

Before I retrained, I spent 14 years undertaking various roles within the Financial Services industry. It was a million miles away from what I do now, or so I like to think.

It was entirely my decision to change career and I worked hard to get to where I am but like any significant change in life, there are certain things that I do miss about my 'old life.'

I worked with some truly wonderful people back then, both colleagues and clients. I learned so much from these individuals and have much to thank them for. Of course I am still in contact with some as our relationships have traversed from colleague/client to friend.

I was lucky to have the right support around me when I was making this huge change and it wasn't something that I rushed into or decided to pursue lightly. But for others, a change of career can prove to be very challenging and indeed can feel like a tremendous loss.

Transitioning career can give rise to all manner of feelings, from sadness and grief to other emotions such as anger, frustration and even anxiety as to whether you are doing the right thing. Even when you're moving onto something that you really want to do, it can be really hard to 'let go.'

That's why it's so important that you give yourself time, both before you leave and after you've started your new job, to make sense of and understand what this change means for you.

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